If your home has a heat pump, it plays an essential role in keeping your house cozy during the colder months. While proper maintenance may help prevent malfunctions, problems can still occur. When you notice your heat pump blowing cold air, it’s essential to fix the underlying issue as soon as possible. At Foulks Heating & Cooling, we have the tools and expertise to get your heat pump working again quickly. Contact us today for heating repair.

5 common heat pump issues

There is a bad fuse or broken electrical wiring

Your heat pump needs the right electrical connection to work properly. While most electrical problems, such as a tripped circuit breaker, will not allow the heat pump to run at all, there could be internal wiring issues that allow the fan to run but not to blow warm air. Our technicians can inspect the wiring inside your unit to determine the problem and devise an effective solution.

The outdoor air is extremely cold

The outdoor unit of your home’s heat pump draws in outside air and pulls heat from it using the refrigerant in the system. When it is extremely cold outside, however, the unit can’t get as much heat, and the resulting air that is pumped into your home may feel cool instead of warm. Many models have a backup heating system for extremely cold weather, but if you continually feel cold air blowing from your heat pump, it’s best to call an expert for an inspection.

The heat pump is operating in defrost mode

Another problem that can happen during very cold weather is that the outdoor coils of the heat pump form frost. To prevent frost from freezing the heat pump entirely, your unit may have a defrost mode that automatically switches the operation from heating to cooling. This defrost mode is designed to melt any frost or ice off the outdoor unit, but it does blow cold air into your home while works. In most cases, the defrost mode should only activate for a few minutes at a time. If you are getting cold air in your home for longer than that, it may be the sign of a problem.

The refrigerant level is low

The refrigerant is the vital solution inside your heat pump that allows it to operate and pull heat from the outdoor air. If there is a leak in the unit that causes the amount of refrigerant to drop below the required level, your heat pump will stop working properly. It is essential to call an expert to find and repair a refrigerant leak, as working with this hazardous substance requires specialized equipment and training.

Mechanical components are broken

There are several parts inside your heat pump that can break due to wear and tear or an internal malfunction. The reversing valve is responsible for changing the direction the refrigerant flows when the unit switches between heating and cooling mode. If this part breaks, your unit may get stuck in cooling mode.

Call Foulks Southern Air for heat pump repairs here in Southeastern Louisiana

A broken heat pump is the last thing you want to deal with when it’s cold outside. If you notice cold air blowing into your home, it’s important to schedule an emergency repair appointment with Foulks Southern Air Heating & Cooling as soon as possible. We can inspect your unit to determine the cause of the problem and fix it right away. Contact us today for heat pump service here in Amite City, Hammond, or the surrounding communities here in Southeastern Louisiana.