As in any business, people are everything. Great people, providing great service, are the backbone of any successful company. Of course, the opposite is also true: in any industry, disinterested or unqualified employees can quickly drag down the reputation and services of the company. When you’re looking for someone to fix or service the cooling and heating systems of your home, what should you look for to ensure that you’re getting a good experience? In this article, we’ll review the qualities of great HVAC techs and explain how the team at Foulks Southern Air checks all the boxes.

Here are the qualities of all great HVAC techs

So, what sets apart a great HVAC tech from a not-so-great one? In most cases, you’ll know the difference right away once that individual is at your door. However, if you’re currently looking for a local HVAC company online, here are some qualities to look for in their technicians before making a decision:


The gold standard for technician training and certification in our industry is the North American Technician Excellence, or “NATE,” program. The rigorous NATE certification and testing process ensures that the technician knows how to service, install, and repair all cooling and heating system types, makes, and models. Technicians who come out of this program are ready to work on any residential or commercial HVAC project and complete the job quickly and effectively. NATE technicians are the best-of-the-best.

At Foulks Southern Air Heating & Cooling, our NATE-certified technicians are ready to meet your home’s cooling and heating needs here in Amite City, Hammond, and Southeast Louisiana. For fast, effective home services that you and your family can count on when it matters most, call our team.


No homeowner wants a rookie technician working in their home. The very best HVAC companies only hire experienced cooling and heating professionals who know what they’re doing and have seen it all. You can tell which HVAC companies treat their employees right by how many experienced techs they have on their team: seasoned professionals are in-demand in our industry, and often have their pick of where to work.

This is why Foulks Southern Air employs accomplished HVAC technicians who, collectively, have decades of work experience in this industry. When your air conditioner stops working in the middle of the night, you want a true professional on the case who knows their stuff, not an ametuer.


When you let an AC technician into your home to work on your system, you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that individual has been background-checked and is safe to be around. A third-party background check is an essential part of establishing trust in our industry, and any HVAC company you’re planning on working with should be able to provide you with details about this background check process.

Friendly & service-oriented

A final but important point: your HVAC service technician should be friendly, personable, and 100% focused on providing you with excellent customer service. A tech that is rude, doesn’t want to answer your questions, and just kind of leaves without giving you an update on the state of your air conditioner or furnace is not one you want coming back to your home in the future.

At Foulks Southern Air, friendly service is our priority. No homeowner wants to be in a position where they’re calling us to have their air conditioner fixed, but they deserve a friendly, knowledgeable professional at the door when such a situation does arrive. Our techs provide better service because that’s what true HVAC experts do.

Call our team to work with the best local techs

For Foulks Southern Air Heating & Cooling, our people are our strength. Our company is built around providing 24/7 emergency service from friendly, certified, and experienced technicians. When you need HVAC service you can count on here in Amite, Hammond, and the rest of Southeastern Louisiana, contact our team. We’re ready to help with all your cooling and heating needs.