Most homeowners do not give much thought to their air ducts until something breaks down, or they see a major spike in their energy bills. However, you should look at whether air duct repairs would be advantageous well before a problem escalates too much. By keeping an eye out for these signs that your air ducts need repair, you can enjoy more consistent efficiency and comfort out of your home’s heating and cooling.

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What are the signs your home might need air duct repair?

Sudden, unexplained spike in your energy bills

You may expect your energy bills to increase during certain times of the year when you really use your HVAC system. When those increases are higher than usual, you need to see if something is not working as it should. There may be holes in the ducts or the fans might not be working properly, both of which cause your system to malfunction and use more electricity.

If you are experiencing efficiency issues with your cooling and heating systems, air duct problems could be the cause. Call our team for air duct repair here in Amite City, Hammond, and beyond.

Debris and dirt in the vents

You should inspect the area around your vents every so often to see if dirt is accumulating by the opening. High levels of dirt and dust buildup inside of your air ducts could impact your home’s energy efficiency and prevent your cooling or heating system from intaking air from your home.

Unexplained breathing issues

Even if you do not see dirt around the vents, you should pay attention if people in your household are having any respiratory issues. People with asthma, sinus problems, and seasonal allergies are especially vulnerable to the indoor air quality issues caused by dirty ductwork. This may require more than just air duct cleaning—dirty ducts may be caused by cracks in the ductwork that is allowing outside material to get inside. Call our team at Foulks Southern Air and have us come out and inspect the problem.

Loud, unusual sounds

Your air conditioner should be fairly silent when it runs. When you start hearing bending metal or something crashing within your ducts, you have a problem. This is generally a sign that something has shaken loose in the system, and only a professional can put it back into place.

Constant air filter changes

For the most part, you should swap out your air filter once every month or two. Homeowners with pets should change out the filter once every 30 days. If you need to change it any more often than that, then you have air duct problems that need to be addressed.

Signs of a pest infestation

Rodents may burrow into your home for shelter, and the air ducts make for the perfect home. You should be on the lookout for dead insects or fresh droppings in the vicinity of the system. You will also likely notice a horrendous odor, which could be a sign of a dead rat in the system.

Visible mold

You can smell mold growing in your home, but you may not be able to find it. You should have someone check the air ducts to see if mold is growing there. Water from condensation can build up with nowhere to go, so you may need an air duct cleaning.

Uneven temperatures throughout the house

When you run your HVAC system, your home should have a consistent temperature no matter what room you are in. When the ducts aren’t working properly, they may not be able to send the same amount of cooled and heated air to every register in your home. Inconsistent comfort throughout your home is a possible sign that your ducts are ruptured, blocked, or damaged in some way.

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